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JFK TRANSPORTERS Pvt Ltd has established itself as a renowned logistics provider in India for the past three decades.

Our approach blends personalized attention with innovative solutions, delivering global results. Over the years, we've prioritized safety, offered effective solutions, and consistently ensured client satisfaction. Presently operational in 15 cities across India, with a global network spanning over 200 locations, we maintain offices in 14 key locations nationwide.

Our distinctive value proposition lies in providing safe, excellent services with punctual deliveries. Our highly skilled drivers undergo rigorous safety training and are technologically monitored through GPS, ensuring zero incidents in all our vehicles. The inception of Customized Investment Logistic (C.I.L) originated from identifying a significant gap between customer expectations and the services offered by the logistics industry. C.I.L focuses on understanding clients' requirements thoroughly, providing the most optimal solutions, and investing in infrastructure when necessary.

As record holders for transporting the largest ODC consignments outside Pune, we've successfully executed over 100 projects in various industries like power, sugar, cement, and steel across India. Presently, we collaborate with major players in Lubricants, Oil & Petroleum, Gases, Paints, Steel Manufacturing, Fabrication, Heavy Machinery, and Furniture. Our esteemed clientele includes companies such as Castrol, Shell, Linde, Praxair, ThyssenKrupp, Godrej, Sandvik Asia, IAL (Indian Additive Ltd.), Shalimar Paints, Asian Paints, Geodis, among others.



In 1980, a man arrived in Mumbai with a mere Rs. 30 and a dream. Commencing his journey by driving a truck for Godrej, transporting steel cupboards for several years, Adil Kotwal's unwavering hard work and resilience culminated in the establishment of JFK Transporters in 1985, marking the beginning of a remarkable success story. Adil Kotwal's entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop at JFK Transporters; he expanded his business ventures into diverse industries, including logistics. Over the years, JFK Transporters became a prominent player in the transportation sector, earning a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Today, Adil Kotwal's journey from a man with Rs. 30 in his pocket to a successful entrepreneur serves as an inspiring tale of perseverance and accomplishment.

Jehaan A. Kotwal


In 2013, Jehaan chose to enter the business, driven by a vision to generate a positive impact on as many people as possible. Drawing inspiration from global best practices through extensive travel, he is now dedicated to establishing the premier transport company in India.

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Our Roots

Some cherished sentiments dear to us.



Finding joy in spreading happiness to others is at the core of our existence. Our primary goal is to create value in everything we do. The thrill of elevating a life to its fullest potential is our source of excitement. Embracing our passion for transportation allows us not only to live an adventurous lifestyle but also to enhance global connections. The perpetual pursuit of knowledge keeps us engaged, prompting us to ask, Why not explore and learn more?



Presently, we operate in 15 cities across India, with a global network encompassing over 200 locations. Additionally, we are recognized as an approved company by the Indian Bank Association (IBA).

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Our Values


Our commitment lies in absolute transparency, prioritizing what adds value for our customers. We take pride in our honesty, recognizing it as a challenging yet crucial path that has contributed significantly to our long-term success.


In the ever-changing and dynamic environment of India, attaining perfection is a perpetual challenge. Nevertheless, we embrace this challenge with every breath we take, consistently striving for excellence. We firmly believe that without perfection, no service can be deemed truly complete.


Safety, for us, extends beyond the cargo and its carrier to encompass the environment. It is a culture ingrained in our operations, emphasizing even the smallest details that could pose a potential threat or lead to injury. All our personnel undergo thorough safety training to uphold these standards.

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