As JFK Transporters, we blend personalized attention with innovative strategies to deliver impactful results globally. Over the years, our commitment to ensuring safe transportation, offering effective solutions, and ensuring client satisfaction has been unwavering.

Personalised GPS

Our GPS systems serve not only for tracking purposes but also actively monitor and correct driver behavior during their journey. This includes addressing issues such as overspeeding, continuous driving, rapid acceleration, or harsh braking. All guidance is provided to the driver in their local language for better comprehension and implementation.

Sleep Detection

We possess an unparalleled state-of-the-art camera system designed to detect signs of driver drowsiness and issue real-time alerts. This innovative technology ensures heightened vigilance among drivers, contributing to enhanced safety on the road.

Quarterly Safety Exams

Each driver undergoes a comprehensive 10-day safety training program, subject to quarterly reviews. Their safety performance is evaluated annually using our advanced technologies.

Road Transport

We provide logistics services across India and worldwide. Our seasoned and dependable field personnel manage all aspects of your requirements, including packaging, loading, transit, unloading, warehousing, and final delivery. Utilizing advanced systems for real-time status reporting and inventory control, we ensure you stay informed about your cargo's status throughout the entire assignment.